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Visit our Resource Garden

In 2017, the Riverside County Department of Waste Resources redeveloped a portion of its property to include a resource garden to provide hands-on demonstrations of composting, vermicomposting, and green cleaning. The garden has respite areas for staff, as well as walking paths. The amphitheater area hosts classes for residents and community groups.

The design also incorporates reuse materials from the site, landfill, and other county department's waste and unwanted materials such as usable sign posts, broken pallets, or ground up tree trimmings. The simple design hosts drought tolerant, low maintenance, low waste plant material that can be composted easily on site. This practical demonstration garden showcases various methods of composting organic waste that can accommodate various lifestyles and abilities. 

A worm propagation area is used to demonstrate vermicomposting and highlights the ease of composting for those that may have physical or space limitations. Finished compost from both methods are used to grow food crops that highlight the benefits of using compost to grow stronger plants with robust fruits and vegetables from soil improved from composted organic waste that is diverted from the landfill.

The herb garden feature compliments the Green Cleaning class with sustainable herbs to encourage employees and residents to learn a less-toxic method of making their own household cleaning products that can be easily enhanced with natural herbs instead of heavy perfumes and chemicals found in over-the-counter products.