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      What are landfill hours?

      Landfill hours vary by site and can be found HERE.

      How much does it cost to dispose of trash at the landfill?

      Can I set up an account to dispose of my trash?

      If you are a business, Yes! You will need to fill out an application.

      What types of payment are accepted?

      See Acceptable Forms of Payment

      Where are landfills located?

      What types of waste are accepted?

      How do I dispose of hazardous waste (business/home)?

      Businesses should refer to the Business Hazardous Waste page.

      Residents can take their household hazardous waste to a FREE collection facility or event. For more information on hazardous waste, visit the Household Hazardous Waste page

      What do I do if my trash was not picked up?

      If your trash was not picked up, you should contact your trash service hauler. The Riverside County Department of Waste Resources does not pick up trash.

      Who is my waste hauler?

      Hauler information can be found HERE

      How do I rent a dumpster?

      Please note that we are not Waste Management, Inc. the refuse hauling company. Your trash service hauler should be contacted directly regarding refuse and curbside recycling collection service as well as dumpster rentals.

      Where do I take my needles or sharps?

      The Riverside County Department of Waste Resources offers may locations for you to take your needles and sharps. For more information, go to Needles & Sharps page of the Waste Guide.

      What do I do with my unwanted medication?

      For more information on how to properly manage your medications, go to Medication page of the Waste Guide.

      Where I can recycle bottles/cans?

      Californians recycle bottles and cans so that they can get back the California Recycling Value (CRV) deposit. Visit the Bottles & Cans page of the Waste Guide to find a certified recycling center in your area and for additional information.

      Where can I recycle greenwaste?

      Greenwaste processors recycle green waste into compost or mulch type products. Think about bringing home a load of compost or mulch to use in your own garden. For a list of green waste processors in Riverside County, click HERE.

      Where is the nearest recycling facility?

      Riverside County has numerous recycling businesses throughout the county. You can search for a local recycler for the specific type of material you wish to recycle at

      Can I dispose of tires at the landfill?

      Yes, you can bring your tires to the landfill for proper recycling. Please visit Tires page of the Waste Guide for information.

      Will the landfill accept my household appliances?

      Yes, please visit the Appliance page of the Waste Guide for more information.

      Where do I file a complaint about a health/waste issue at a business or restaurant?

      Please contact Riverside County Environmental Health Department (888) 722-4234 or file an online complaint at

      How is the Department funded?

      The Department is funded by tipping fees received at the landfills.