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Our Department offers free services to Riverside County schools to assist in compliance with state recycling regulations (e.g., AB 341, SB 1383).

Our Services

Request a Speaker

Speakers are available at NO COST for classroom discussions (grades 3 -12) about recycling, composting, vermicomposting, or managing food waste. Presentations are grade/age appropriate and interactive! We offer in-person and virtual presentations.

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Free Worm Bin Kit Or Composting Bin

Schools with gardens may receive one FREE composting or vermicomposting bin per year. The maximum number of bins a school can request is TWO bins TOTAL: one composting and one vermicomposting (awarded one per year). Staff will provide a class presentation with delivery of each donated bin.
Request a bin by submitting a letter on school letterhead signed by the school principal.

Address the letter to:
Hans Kernkamp, General Manager-Chief Engineer
Riverside County Department of Waste Resources
14310 Frederick Street, Moreno Valley, CA 92553

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Composting Mentor

Does your school have a garden? Do you need help with composting? We can help!
We'll assign an Outreach Volunteer to become your school's composting mentor.
Email inquiries to or call 951-486-3200 and ask to speak to a Recycling Specialist.

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Landfill Tours

Visit the Marion Ashley Education Center at the Lamb Canyon (Beaumont) Landfill by making an appointment. Tours are FREE for groups of 10-42. All visitors must be eight or older to visit the Education Center and follow the rules of the landfill. While we do our best to accommodate as many tours and groups as possible, we cannot guarantee all requests will be fulfilled. 
Open March 1 - October 31, Monday - Thursday, 9 am - 1:30 pm only.

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School Recycling Bins

Launch a school recycling program! Recycling bins will help your school reduce landfill waste, keep your campus clean, and protect the planet.

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