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Accepted Waste

All Riverside County active landfills are permitted as Class III landfills. Class III landfills accept only non-hazardous municipal solid waste for disposal; no hazardous waste can be accepted. Liquid waste is accepted only at certain landfills as noted below. All customers using Riverside County landfills can expect their loads to be randomly inspected by Load Check Program. This program is designed to keep hazardous materials from entering Riverside County landfills.

Some wastes, other than non-hazardous solid waste, may be accepted with conditions, including formal waste clearance. If your waste is not found in our Waste Guide and you feel that your waste stream may be suitable for a solid waste landfill, see the Waste Approval page for more information.

What types of waste are accepted at landfills for disposal?
  • Household refuse
  • Tree and yard trimmings
  • Concrete and asphalt
  • Furniture
  • Construction, demolition, and renovation waste including wood, metal, roofing, etc. See the Construction & Demolition page of the Waste Guide for more information, including AQMD Asbestos survey and demolition notification requirements.
  • Preapproved liquid waste (Badlands, Lamb Canyon and Blythe landfills only)
  • Soil/Dirt less than 20 tons (Loads of soil/dirt greater than 20 tons must be preapproved). See the Soil page of the Waste Guide for more information, including the approval process.
What types of waste are accepted at landfills for recycling and proper handling and must be placed in designated areas?
What types of waste are NOT accepted at landfills?
  • Hazardous waste
  • Waste that contains greater than 1% friable asbestos
  • Chemicals, including fuels, cleaners, degreasers, oils, pesticides, acids, paints, etc.  See the Business Hazardous Waste and Household Hazardous Waste pages for information on the proper handling of these wastes.
  • Radioactive material
  • Auto body shredder wastes
  • Explosives
  • Soil contaminated in excess of State and Federal hazardous waste levels
  • Liquid waste with a moisture content greater than 50% (except at the Badlands, Lamb Canyon and Blythe landfills with prior authorization)
  • Nuisance dust
  • Untreated infectious waste from commercial sources
  • Chemically treated wood waste

Visit the Waste Guide for list of waste types and their disposal and recycling options.