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Land Canyon Landfill

Landfill Fees effective July 1, 2023

    Gate fees are applicable at all scaled landfill sites.  Prices effective July 1, 2023. 

    Los siguientes precios son aplicables en todoslos basureros con basculasprecios efectivo 1 Julio 2023.

    Routine Refuse includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • Miscellaneous routine refuse
    • Household refuse
    • Concrete or Asphalt
    • Clean fill dirt
    • Construction/Demolition (75% of load less than 300 pound pieces)
    • Chemical toilets/septic tank waste/grease traps (Blythe only)
    Green Waste includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • Wood
    • Wood chips
    • Brush
    • Tree trimmings
    • Grass
    • Branches
    • Palm fronds
    Hard to Handle includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • Herbicide containers (triple-rinsed & punctured)
    • Sewer screenings/Grit sand
    • Dead animals
    • Other items requiring immediate burial
    • Construction/Demolition (25% of load more than 300 pound pieces)
    • Rootballs or tree trunks (over 200 pounds each)
    • All End Dump loads (special handling is required for safety)
    • Treated Wood Waste (requires approval, see the Treated Wood Waste page)
    • Vehicles, Boats and Trailers

    See Waste Guide tires for limits and locations.

    Idyllwild Grinding Facility Fees
    • $ 35.30 per ton for accepted materials (wood waste/beetle infected wood, green waste, pine needles, associated slash).  See the Idyllwild Grinding Facility page for more information and a list of unaccepted items.
    Uncovered/Unsecured Loads
    • The Riverside County Department of Waste Resources imposes a surcharge on vehicles entering landfills with uncovered/unsecured loads. Vehicle loads must be secured or covered in a manner which, per the opinion of the Gate Services Assistant, who serves as the General Manager-Chief Engineer’s designee, will prevent waste from falling, spilling, or blowing out while the vehicle is in motion. The surcharge will be assessed for all vehicles entering the landfill with an uncovered or unsecured load. The surcharge applies to each site during all hours of operation. The Gate Services Assistants have been given full authorization by the General Manager-Chief Engineer to assess a surcharge for uncovered loads, as described in the policy.

    Uncovered Load Policy - English  /  Uncovered Load Policy - Spanish