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Paper and Cardboard


Although you can dispose of paper in your trash bin, it can also be recycled. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, forty percent of all municipal solid waste consists of paper and paperboard products. By recycling and reducing paper consumption, more trees will be left in the forest to provide oxygen, shade, and wildlife habitat.  Paper and Cardboard examples include, but are not limited to, the following:  


Waste Guide

    The following are some very easy steps to reduce paper consumption: 

    • Print and copy on the front and back of paper.

    • Use electronic bill paying and e-mail to reduce paper consumption.

    • Use scratch paper for notes and reminders instead of a new piece

    • Cancel the junk mail that is sent to your home each day. For more information, please see Reduce Junk Mail, below.

    • Recycle newspaper and cardboard via your curbside recycling program.

    • Use washable plates and cups instead of paper ones.

    Paper used for junk mail is often virgin paper that has no post-consumer content. Junk mail often has a low recycle value and may contain toxic inks. Although it can be recycled to some extent, stopping junk mail from the source will have the greatest overall effect on saving landfill space. The average American receives close to a ton of junk mail per year. Each ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees and 3 cubic yards of landfill space. Stopping this waste of paper could have a tremendous impact on global environmental quality.

    Do you open your mailbox each day to find it stuffed full of unsolicited mail, catalogs, credit card offers and advertisements for a variety of products and services? Remember, less junk mail means saving more trees, and much better use of landfill space. The following steps can help you reduce the amount of junk mail you receive. 

    • Contact the sender of the mail and request they stop. The following can be contacted directly to remove your name from their mailing list.

    DMA Mail Preference Service
    Direct Marketing Association
    P.O. Box 643, Carmel, NY 10512
    (include $1 for processing) or visit
    Address Removal


    Velassis Direct Mail, Inc.


    Consumer Assistance
    P. O. Box 249, Windsor, CT 06095
    • Contact your existing creditors and request that they not distribute your name to other organizations.

    • Cancel catalogs by mail or by calling the toll-free ordering number and request that you be removed from their mailing list.

    • Return postage paid envelopes with a note enclosed requesting that your name and address be removed from their mailing list.

    • When donating to a charity, request that they not share your name with other organizations.

    You can place paper and cardboard in your recycling bin at home or at work. The paper and cardboard will be separated and sent to a recycler. Alternatively, you can take your paper and cardboard to any of the following locations that offer recycling. Please call recyclers first to check for acceptable material and current pricing. Some recyclers pay customers for materials. Additionally, check with your local city to see if they host paper shredding events.

    Earth 911
    Fontana Paper Mill
    13733 Valley Blvd., Fontana, CA 92335
    Various locations
    Main Street Fibers
    608 E Main Street, Ontario, CA 91761
    4111 Flat Rock Drive, Riverside, CA 92505
    Six-Pac Recycling
    1430 East Sixth Street, Corona, CA 92879
    Temecula Recycling
    27635 Diaz Road, Temecula, CA 92590
    Western Way Recycling, Inc.
    6175 Natwar Lane. Perris, CA 92571

    Riverside County Landfills

    Paper and cardboard are accepted for disposal at Riverside County landfills. 

    Locations & hours

    Fee schedule:  Routine refuse disposal rates apply



    This information above is offered as a public service in an effort to eliminate illegal and improper waste disposal. As the information may not be comprehensive, the Department encourages the public to research additional companies that are available for the services sought. The companies are not affiliated, endorsed or regulated by the Department. Accordingly, as with any professional service, please confirm the accuracy of the company’s information and request copies or verification of the company's license and/or permits to provide the service, prior to utilizing its services. Under no circumstances, directly or indirectly, shall the Department be held responsible or liable for reliance on this information.  If you would like to include your company on the list, please contact or call (951) 486-3200.