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Landscape Equipment

Landscape Equipment includes lawn mowers, weed-eaters, chain saws, rototillers, leaf blowers, edgers, trimmers and other fuel powered equipment that may contain gasoline and oil.  These types of items require removal of any gasoline or oil prior to recycling and/or disposal. 

    Riverside County Landfills

    Landscape Equpment is accepted at all Riverside County landfills with the following restrictions:

    • Items must be placed by the customer in designated areas as directed by site personnel.  Customers are directed to place these items in the designated staging area in a manner that prevents spills of oil and fuels.
    • Items may not be delivered comingled with other solid waste.  Waste loads containing landscape equpment mixed with solid waste will be refused.  Customers who repeatedly contaminate their waste loads with commingled landscape equipment may be banned from the site.
    • Gasoline and/or oil must be removed by the customer prior to recycling and/or disposal.

    Locations & hours

    Fee schedule:  Routine refuse disposal rate


    Local Recyclers

    Alternatively, you can take your items to any of the following locations that offer recycling if the equipment contains metal. Please call recyclers first to check for acceptable material, current pricing, and any special requirements such as removal of fluids/oil/gas.





    SA Recyclingmultiple locations1-800-GOT-SCRAP

    Global Metal Recycling

    6158 Columbus Street

    Suite C

    Riverside, CA 92504


    Pomona Scrap

    1432 E 1st Street

    Pomona, CA 91766

    Thrift Shops/Pawn Shops/Repair Shops

    Many thrift stores will accept these items for donation if they are in usable condition.  Repair shops that rebuild and refurbish these items may be interested in receiving them.  Please check your local telephone directory for a thrift store or repair shop near you.

    South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) has established a residential Electric Lawn Mower Rebate Program to offset the cost of an electric lawn mower.  This program will be available to residents within the SCAQMD’s four-county jurisdiction.  Through the Electric Lawn Mower Rebate Program, participants can purchase a new electric lawn mower either online or from a manufacturer-authorized retailer or dealer, including hardware and home improvement stores.  The program will allow residents to turn in their old gasoline lawn mower to an approved dismantler (PDF, 407KB) for permanent destruction and receive a rebate based on the purchase price of a new battery operated electric lawn mower:

    Waste Guide

    This information above is offered as a public service in an effort to eliminate illegal and improper waste disposal. As the information may not be comprehensive, the Department encourages the public to research additional companies that are available for the services sought. The companies are not affiliated, endorsed or regulated by the Department. Accordingly, as with any professional service, please confirm the accuracy of the company’s information and request copies or verification of the company's license and/or permits to provide the service, prior to utilizing its services. Under no circumstances, directly or indirectly, shall the Department be held responsible or liable for reliance on this information.  If you would like to include your company on the list, please contact or call (951) 486-3200.