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Digital Media

Digital Media

Digital media is usually made from plastic materials, many of which are recyclable. However, magnetic media doesn’t contain enough valuable components, especially the Mylar tape, to make recycling them worthwhile.

Recycling Locations



A national program that accepts audio and video cassettes, ink cartridges, and jewel cases for certified recycling.

Earth 911


Polysource International, Inc.

13505 Yorba Avenue,Unit R

Chino, CA 91710


Other Reuse Ideas

Do you have a problem with birds attacking your fruit trees?  CD’s and video tape can be used to scare them away!  Tie the disks to the branches of the tree and the light reflected from the shiny side of the disks will help to keep your fruit trees safe.  Tie long pieces of video or cassette tape to branches as the wind blows the tape, the movement will frighten the birds away from your harvest.

Ever go hiking or backpacking?  Keep a CD in your pack to be used as a signal mirror, just in case you get lost!

Waste Guide

This information above is offered as a public service in an effort to eliminate illegal and improper waste disposal. As the information may not be comprehensive, the Department encourages the public to research additional companies that are available for the services sought. The companies are not affiliated, endorsed or regulated by the Department. Accordingly, as with any professional service, please confirm the accuracy of the company’s information and request copies or verification of the company's license and/or permits to provide the service, prior to utilizing its services. Under no circumstances, directly or indirectly, shall the Department be held responsible or liable for reliance on this information.  If you would like to include your company on the list, please contact or call (951) 486-3200.