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Earth Day Videos Pledge

What do you vow to do starting on Earth Day 2021? Click on the link below to take the pledge!




Around The World

Did you know that Earth Day is celebrated all around the world on April 22? Check out how other countries celebrate Earth Day with the links below. Let's celebrate our entire earth together!

Earth Day Usa
ERath Day Japan
Earth Day Mexico
Earth Day Philippines
earth Day France
Earh Day Africa

Family Activities

Getting the family involved in taking care of and loving our planet encourages us all to be good stewards of the earth. Celebrate this year with one of these fun, family-friendly activities listed below:


What is your Foodprint?
Plastic Caculator
Your Diet & Climate Change


Plantable Paper
Salt Dough Earth Neclance
PizzaBox Solar Oven


Separte the waste
Habitat the Game
Recycling Challenge Game

Virtual Experiences

Virtual experiences are an easy way to explore all that our wonderful Earth has to offer and has a low negative impact on nature. From live webcams of animals to landscapes, and virtual tours of caves and forests, check out these cool experiences below:

Live Cams

Animal Webcams
Landscape & City Webcams
Yellowstone Webcam

Virtual Tours

Hang Son Doong Cave
360 Earth Photos & Video
UPM Forest Life